Chest Up, Strong Back.

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Chest Up, Strong Back.

Chest Up, Strong Back.

A very simple one liner which explains who we are, what we do, our beliefs, and approach to natural health care. Posture is an overused word with very little understanding. Today our society is plagued with constant flexion movements which compresses out spines and alters the position our body was naturally created in.

Our bodies’ take shape of what we repeatedly do. Hence, the more you sit, the more you mold into your chair. Take note of your favorite spot on the couch or your grandparents recliner. Do you notice how your body sinks into a position which is molded around how you often sit in that specific chair?

Chest Up, Strong Back, was a simple quote that was printed on multiple sheets of paper and plastered around Dr. Camacho’s apartment while he was in college. This same saying was a mental cue he used while training during his competitive weightlifting years. The alignment of the spine transfers directly into all areas of athletic performance and general health.

Ever look at a slouched individual verse a tall postured individual at the same table and think about how their position while eating can affect their digestion of that meal? (Now you will ????)

There is a reason why parents drill into their children to sit up at the dinner table. It is more than just pushing your seat in, but, actually a physiological benefit.

Ever look at a slouched individual verse a tall postured individual at the gym doing a specific exercise and think to yourself, “that does not look safe”. 99% of the time I can bet you there is an altered posture between the two lifters.

The body was created in a specific manner to perform specific activities. Our bodies were created to MOVE! However when you take this particular anatomy and consistently keep the body in one position over and over and over, there are consequences. Altering the position of muscle attachments by how we use our bodies and the positions we hold ourselves in can dramatically alter your ability to generate force, power, and the transfer of energy.

Simply stated, how you sit or stand can predict whether you will get hurt or not.

At, Summit Chiropractic and Wellness, we believe in the personal maintenance and protection of the only vehicle we have to get through life. Oil changes are necessary for the long term health of your car or truck. Think about how you are using your body on a daily basis and call us for your routine maintenance checks.

Chest Up, Strong Back! It makes a difference.


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