Feet and Footwear by Dr. Carrie

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Feet and Footwear by Dr. Carrie

Free feet equal happy feet. 

Ever consider that your low back, hip, or knee pain is coming from your feet? Or more importantly the type of shoes you are wearing?

Well, it is definitely possible because of a kinetic chain that starts in your big toe and runs along the arch in your foot, up your legs, through your hips, and all the way into your spine. So, if your shoes are not allowing your feet to move freely and engage that exact kinetic chain then it can cause a whole lot of problems that you didn’t want or even realize were connected to your feet. 

The small change of better shoes is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving. 


A completely flat shoe keeps the center of gravity near the heels, which is where we are most stable. Heeled shoes (even small heels like the ones found on tennis shoes or the flats shown above) push us slightly forward and force a compensation throughout your spine to stay balanced. This causes some parts to be overworked and in turn the others to be under worked, aka IMBALANCE. Being in shoes that are “zero drop” are critical for whole body alignment.


Your feet will take the shape of the shoes they are in. So, if you spend most of your time in squished pointy shoes your feet are going to start shaping that way, which can eventually lead to bunions and other toe deformities. When you have these deformities, it can keep your big toe from pushing off correctly during your gate/ walk and therefore offset a whole chain reaction up your leg. 


In order for your feet to do their job they can’t be worrying about a shoe slipping off. Flip flops, slip on’s, and ill-fitting shoes force you to grip with your toes and slam your heel to prevent them from flying. Feet simply can’t move effectively in a shoe that’s sliding around, which can cause ripple effects throughout your body.

Below is a list of some of our favorite “Barefoot” or “Zero Drop” shoe brands:







But there are so many more! If you need more suggestions, just ask ☺ or check out the links above. 


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