Change your mind, Change your life!

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Change your mind, Change your life!

“This pain will never go away.”
“I can’t do that.”
“I don’t have the time.”
“No one can help me. I’ve been everywhere.”
“Tell my spouse, it’s their fault.”
Today is a reflection point of every decision we have ever made in our entire life. When patients are unhealthy, unhappy, and pessimistic on an approach to care there is very little anyone can do. Not until we are able to highlight the underlying cause of the unhealthy perspective do we actually see faster, lasting health changes in our patients.

Your thoughts directly influence your outcomes. You can not think negative, speak negative, and then complain why the outcomes are ‘always’ negative in your life. When we start looking at ourselves and taking ownership of who we are, why we are in this position, and then apply true change to ourselves can we actually see the change we truly desire and strive for.

Ownership and responsibility is up to the patient. No health professional or coach can force you to exercise, can force a spoon in your mouth, or can force you to do anything you don’t want to do. You must take ownership of your starting line. Every race can be run and won if you accept where you start. As hard as that may be sometimes, IT IS NECESSARY.

Don’t blame other people, don’t blame a disease diagnosis, don’t blame something that happened 30 years ago you are still mad about. When someone personifies a ‘disease’ the rest of their life becomes, “…thats because of the diabetes.”

You have the power and authority over your life to live the best version of yourself. Every day is another chance to improve, do something different, make yourself better. There are millions of people around you and everyone is dealing with SOMETHING. The biggest difference is an individual’s mindset- I CAN vs. I CAN’T.

Regardless of your starting line, everyone can choose to be happy, be healthier, and take what they have to make the best of it. When life gives you lemons, make it the best damn lemonade you have ever had!

Change your mindset and watch the fruits of your efforts grow.


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